We offer all the additional safety equipment if you would like a motor cycle helmet, helmet rental is an additional $10 per rental per person.

NOTE: **Although Florida State Law does not require anyone over 21 to wear a helmet, any passenger riding under the age of 21 will need to wear a helmet by law.

We also offer Go Pro rentals to record your "Rock Star" experience for an additional $35.00 per rental.

Don't forget your key!

A $75 dollar fee will be charged for a lost key plus a $50.00 rescue fee to take you a replacement to your location.

Where to find storage space on a Slingshot

There are three compartments for storage. Two located behind both seats (where DOT helmets fit and can be placed) opened with the engine key for extra security.

Also, there is a glove compartment located on the passenger side, where you will find registration and USB port. This compartment will also open and lock with engine key.

How Old Does A Person Need To Be To Rent A Slingshot?

21 years old. As long as you meet all the additional requirements you will be able to rent it above 21. Meaning there is no age limit but we suggest you think twice about the horsepower before you invite your grandma for a ride around the block.

What Is The Fuel Policy On The Rentals?

Fill’ er up! All Slingshots are rented with a FULL tank of PREMIUM gas. Unless specified on a promotion or special offer, it must be returned with a FULL tank of PREMIUM gas. Now, if you like you can leave the hassle to us and for $35 we will handle refueling of the slingshot.

How Is The Security Deposit Handled?

We ask for a minimum of $1,000.00 deposit on all rentals which is due at the time of the delivery of the slingshot. The amount of the deposit is based on a background and credit check, which is solely up to the companies discretion to decide how much security deposit will be held. You can choose if you like to give the deposit in form of cash or card, if done with a credit card in most cases we will only do a PRE-AUTHORIZATION to simply verify if the funds are available to cover the security deposit. Once the slingshot is returned damage free, in the same condition as when picked up, the pre-authorization or deposit will be released.

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